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Dental Tourism Is Not a Safe Idea

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Dr. Amy Nguyen
Dental Tourism Is Not a Safe IdeaSome patients think it might be fun to travel for their dental care. In addition, they often believe they will save money. However, this is not what you want to do, as traveling for this reason is not safe. Below are the 4 main reasons you should not schedule dental care away from your home in a foreign country.

Greater Risk of Contracting the Corona Virus

Traveling outside the U.S. is especially not safe, particularly with the threat of the Corona Virus still an imminent danger. Dengue, carried by mosquitoes, is also an ongoing risk in places, such as Mexico and Brazil.

Lack of Sanitation

Your risk of infection is greater if you go to another country for your dental care as well. Many types of dental work should only happen in a highly sanitized environment. In less developed countries, this may not be possible. We must follow sanitization protocols that are governed by OSHA in the U.S. These types of guidelines often are not in place in other countries.

Security Risks

While no country is 100% crime-free, traveling as a foreigner and dental tourist can make you a bigger target for anyone wishing to commit a crime. It is essential that you consider your security above your savings in events like this.

Additional Travel Costs

While getting care, especially implants, is far less expensive in places, such as Thailand, Brazil, and Mexico, you do encounter other costs, such as transportation and accommodations, including travel insurance. Also, travel insurance may not cover accidents that happen during a dental vacation. For example, if you develop an illness or infection due to a procedure, your coverage may not be of any use.

While being a dental tourist is not completely hazardous to your health, it does come with far more risks than when you receive dental treatment at home. If you have any concerns about payments, we are here to help. We want your dental care to be both healthy and safe. Give us a call today to book an appointment for a professional cleaning and exam.

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