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What is It About a Healthy Smile That People Remember?

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Dr. Amy Nguyen
What is It About a Healthy Smile That People Remember?A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. In less than two seconds you can conclude if someone has a nice smile. Are their teeth and gums well taken care of? Do you see proper alignment of the top and bottom teeth? Do they have bright teeth or are they dull and stained? We are sure we can think of people with beautiful healthy smiles, and we will not forget them.

People Remember Your Teeth

People with healthy smiles have similarities. One thing people with healthy smiles have in common is white teeth. If your teeth are unstained by plaque or decay, they are more attractive. Similarly, when teeth are evenly spaced and even symmetrical, they appear nicer than overcrowded or overlapping teeth. Most people prefer to have a proper relationship between the top teeth and the bottom teeth, meaning they have a proper bite. Your teeth are a big part of a memorable smile.

People Remember How Your Smile Made Them Feel

If you have a healthy smile, you should use it to bless other people. Smiling is contagious, and you can brighten someone's day with this easy act. People remember how your smile made them feel. Oftentimes people will easily reciprocate your smile. Your healthy smile is memorable when it comes back to you from other people.

Making Your Smile Memorable

At our office, we see many different types of smiles. It is important to maintain your regular checkup and cleaning to make sure your teeth stay as pristine as possible. Not only do we want to check your teeth and clean them, but we also want to help make recommendations for you to have the healthiest smile now and in the future. Stop by or call today to schedule your next appointment.

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