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How Snoring Can Damage the Enamel on Your Teeth

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dr. Amy Nguyen
How Snoring Can Damage the Enamel on Your TeethIf you snore at night, this could explain why you have cavities in your teeth. When you snore, you will breathe through your mouth to compensate for the obstruction of air caused by blocked airways. Breathing through your mouth will then affect your salivary flow, mouth pH, and bacterial activity. The result will be a dry mouth and increased mouth acidity, which wears your enamel.

Dry Mouth

Breathing through the mouth causes saliva to evaporate into the air. If you snore occasionally, your salivary glands will adjust and produce more saliva. However, if you frequently snore, the salivary glands will be unable to cope, resulting in a dry mouth. This also explains how dry mouth results when you have nasal congestion and breathe through your mouth in case of flu. Lack of saliva in your mouth will cause not only discomfort but also mouth acidity. This is because your saliva plays a vital role in neutralizing mouth pH. This acidity will then wear out your enamel, exposing your inner tooth to decay.

Increased Bacterial Activity

Snoring by affecting salivary flow will cause food debris, bacteria, and plaque to accumulate in your mouth. This is because saliva is a cleansing agent and will usually flush out these substances preventing their accumulation. Harmful mouth bacteria will then feed on the food debris, multiply and release acids, which further corrode the enamel.

How We Can Help You If You Snore

If you consistently snore, you should mention this to us during your checkup. This will allow us to make recommendations that will protect your enamel from snoring side effects. Among the recommendations we will make include a change in sleep position, cutting back on alcohol consumption before bed, and the use of nasal strips to open your airway. For more details on how snoring impacts your enamel, contact our office today.

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