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What Your Tongue Means for Your Breath

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Dr. Amy Nguyen
What Your Tongue Means for Your BreathA foul tongue leads to foul breath. If you brush your teeth and tongue regularly you are brushing away bacteria and other stinky debris and reducing your chances for bad breath. Bacteria and decayed food particles in your mouth accumulate on and around your teeth and tongue. They produce a sulfur compound which emits an unpleasant odor. By brushing, flossing, and rinsing you are limiting the source.

This is Not a New Routine

Brushing the back of your tongue dates back to the Romans. They understood that the tongue is most often the source of the smell. We advise patients today to brush their tongue very gently. When patients inquire about other measures to take to clean their tongue, we sometimes suggest using a tongue scraper. The intent is to remove any build up between the taste buds and folds in the tongue. This tool is another means to remove unpleasant odors from your mouth.

Dry Mouth

Interestingly, if your tongue is dry, you may be more prone to a smelly mouth. When you eat, saliva flushes away bacteria. This bacteria which was once on your teeth, tongue, and gums remains indefinitely until it is brushed or washed away. Eat vegetables and fruits in between meals to keep your saliva glands in production. Drink water, chew gum, or suck on a lozenge to keep your saliva in motion. If you are prone to a dry mouth due to medications or stress, be mindful of these practices to keep your mouth moistened.

If you have a cold or sinus problems, you may have post-nasal drip. This condition can leave a film on the tongue which causes an unpleasant odor in your mouth. Keep brushing and rinsing through your ailment.

Come into our office to get an assessment of your dental issues. We look forward to talking to you about how to improve your breath and practice good oral hygiene.

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