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How to Address a Dental Emergency

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Dr. Amy Nguyen
How to Address a Dental EmergencyOur teeth join us on so many daily adventures. Our teeth assist us while we eat, they make up the smiles we share, and they shape the very sounds that make up our languages. Our teeth see daily use, and with all that daily use there comes daily wear and tear. Through enough compounded time our teeth can wear down or become damaged if not maintained properly. Sometimes, however, life happens randomly and suddenly without warning. Regardless of origin, a dental emergency can be concerning and requires prompt and proper attention.

What is a Dental Emergency, and What You Should Do

A dental emergency is best described as any symptoms or situations that required immediate attention and treatment to reduce pain or damage from persisting. Think of falling or getting impacted where a tooth chips severely, or a tooth gets knocked out. Similarly, a very rotted tooth that has made its way down to the root and is at risk for further infection constitutes a dental emergency. In essence, any situation where further danger or pain is imminent if not treated is a dental emergency.

The most important first step is a rather simple one. Staying calm throughout goes a long way, as stress can make a bad experience worse. If you have sustained tooth loss, for instance, leaving it in an ADA approved solution or milk can preserve the tooth. It is very important to seek medical attention as soon as it is possible. The sooner treatment can begin, the better the recovery or the management of pain and damage.

It is important to understand that if immediate dental attention is not available, the next best source for aid would be a hospital's emergency room. Anything blocking an airway is especially important to address at a hospital. Hopefully, this information remains purely theoretical. If life happens unexpectedly, fortunately, you are more prepared on what to do. If you have any questions about dental emergencies or treatment, have full confidence contacting our office today.

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