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Dental Bonding

Beautiful woman smilingA chip or crack in your tooth is one of the most common dental accidents experienced by children and adults. While both are more common in children than adults, it does not take away the fact that for either one, the condition needs attention and immediate rectification. When you have a crack or chip in your tooth, it can compromise the overall health of your mouth, exposing your tooth and making it more prone to infections. In these circumstances, we highly recommend you seek the care needed to repair your dental problems without delay. A dental bond is often the ideal solution to a chipped or cracked tooth. To learn more about how a dental bond can repair your tooth and improve your smile please visit our office at Smile Craft Dental.


Dental bonds are one of the most cost-effective solutions for a tooth that has been chipped or cracked accidentally. A dental bond is a strong resin composite material used to fix a crack or chip in your teeth. As children play, inside and out, and adults enjoy recreational activities, accidents happen, like slips and falls in which teeth can get cracked or chipped. A dental bond offers a cost-effective solution which will repair the tooth, protect the enamel from further damage, and prevent infection. Because a dental bond is tooth colored, once the repair is made, it looks just like your natural tooth.

Dental bonding does not compromise the existing enamel because it does not require scraping or filing to adhere to your tooth. Once applied, dental bonds remain securely in place for years, as they are fashioned from durable, lasting composite resin. Dental professionals apply dental bonds with extreme care, ensuring your tooth color is matched, and your chipped or cracked tooth is repaired.


Not only aesthetically pleasing, a dental bond allows you to regain complete functionality of your teeth. Once applied, the long-lasting composite resin of your dental bonding remains securely in place for years. Even if you chose to use your molars or your front teeth for eating your favorite crunchy foods after bonding, you will find your bonded teeth function effectively, just like your natural teeth.

Dental bonds are highly recommended solutions for chipped or cracked teeth because of the ease of application, the versatility of the procedure, and the exceptional functionality following application. A dental bond is a great option for children or adults, as it can be cared for alongside natural teeth without worry.


A dental bond is a non-invasive procedure which requires only minimal preparation. In most cases, there is no need for anesthesia. Our dental professionals take great care in mixing the bond, matching it to your tooth, and applying it with care. Once applied, the composite resin bond is set with a UV light, then shaped and polished. The entire process is often done in a single visit making it an easy, effective solution that works well for everyone - children to senior adults.

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, seek care and restoration right away. Give us a call at 650-880-1269 or visit our office at Smile Craft Dental to get it repaired and your smile restored.

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Smile Craft Dental is here to help you fix your smile with dental bonding! Which is a strong resin composite material used to fix a crack or chip in your teeth.
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