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Dentures - Complete, Partial, & Custom

Rendering of removable partial dentureThere are a variety of solutions for replacing missing teeth. The best solution for one person simply might not be the best solution for another. In some cases, an older, proven effective solution may be the right choice. Some people are unable to undergo invasive procedures to restore their smile. Others may not want to commit the resources needed for the latest technological treatment. Some may simply be fearful of a permanent solution. If you want to replace your missing teeth but you don't feel an invasive surgical procedure like dental implants are right for you, then traditional dentures may be the perfect solution to your dental problem.

Traditional dentures aren't what you think, in fact, they are modern upgrades of the classic dentures your parents or grandparents used to wear. If you want to learn how modern dentures can benefit you then visit our office at Smile Craft Dental to find out why they are so popular and why they may be just what you need.


It is no secret that dentures are the best solution for some people, like those who are high risk and should not undergo invasive procedures. Do not let fear keep you from visiting us and allowing us to guide you to the right solution for you and your missing teeth. We can help you without invasive surgical procedures with complete or partial dentures designed exclusively for you to restore your smile effectively.

One of the biggest positives for dentures is the fact that they are not invasive and require no poking or prodding of any sort. When you visit our dental professionals for dentures, we will begin by taking a simple mold of your mouth. From there we craft your dentures, customizing them for you. The best part is there is no healing and recovery time involved, just a little time to get used to your new dentures.


Our team of professionals takes the time and necessary care to create your custom dentures based on your measurements. One of the major benefits of customized dentures is they fit your mouth properly and securely. A custom fitted denture will not slip during a conversation or while you are eating your favorite meal. In fact, a custom denture fits perfectly and will not come out easily until you are ready to remove it.

Custom complete or partial dentures improve your confidence when out with friends and family members because they are premium quality and comfortable. You never need to fear your dentures coming out in the middle of a conversation, slipping out of place when you smile, or falling out during your meal. Don't compromise on quality or a custom fit, come see us to get the dentures you deserve and restore your smile as well as your function.


The main difference between customized dentures and those that aren't customized, is functionality. With properly fitted dentures, you will be able to wear them confidently and comfortably.

Whether having a great conversation or eating delectable food, high quality dentures are required. If you want functional dentures that look great on you, please call us at 650-880-1269 or visit us at Smile Craft Dental to complete your smile.

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Smile Craft Dental has a great deal of dental solutions for replacing multiple missing teeth, one solution is dentures which are a non invasive dental procedure.
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