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Digital Radiography
Redwood City, CA

Close up of monitor displaying digital x-rays at Smile Craft DentalWe live in a busy world, where many people find themselves with little free time. For those individuals, quick and easy solutions are crucial. When it comes to visiting us for dental exams, one of the questions we are asked most often by our patients is whether or not their visit would involve a dental x-ray and if so, then how long will it take to get the results.

Thanks to the latest dental technology we can now provide you with your dental x-ray results instantly while you are still seated in our exam room chair. Digital radiography is an amazing technology which helps us treat our patients faster with no time wasted, by providing them with effective solutions quickly. If you haven't visited us in a while and you want to learn more about how you can benefit from digital radiography please drop in at our office at Smile Craft Dental and let us show you how this technology works.

Immediate Scans

In the digital world we live in, we have come to expect everything in an instant and that is exactly what digital radiography allows us to provide. Scans from digital radiography are provided instantaneously on our computer screen the moment the plate is placed in your mouth. The plate obtains a 3D image of your teeth and gums and is transmitted to the computer screen for our dental professionals to view. Unlike an x-ray, this fast diagnostic response means you do not have to wait for the results. Most of the time our dental professionals use digital radiography scans to confirm the presence of a suspected dental issue. Confirmation is delivered instantly with digital radiography. In the past, our dental professionals needed to wait for x-rays to be read to be one hundred percent sure before providing treatment, but today we can confirm a diagnosis instantly with the aid of this technology. You no longer need to wait in pain to get treatment you need for your tooth in a timely manner. With digital radiography, your examination, diagnosis, and even treatment can be performed in a single sitting, without multiple visits to various locations.

More Affordable

Digital radiography is not an expensive procedure, in fact, it is more cost-effective and affordable than traditional x-rays. One of the major reasons for digital radiography’s cost effectiveness is you don't have to visit a radiography center to get an x-ray done. Instead, you can get it done at our office by our team of dental professionals. They perform the scans while you are comfortably seated in our chair. In addition to convenience, digital radiography can save you money.

Clear Images

Digital radiography delivers images which are clearer when compared to traditional x-rays. This makes it a lot easier for our dental professionals to have open communication with our patients. Patients can more easily understand the dental issues they are experiencing when we show them the scan and highlight the areas to be addressed.

When you can see your dental problem clearly, it becomes easier to understand the problem and move forward with the treatment procedure. Don't let your dental problems or your busy schedule hinder you from getting the help you need. Call us at 650-880-1269, book an appointment at our office at Smile Craft Dental and let us help improve your smile.

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If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from digital radiography, schedule an appointment at Smile Craft Dental! Let us show you how it works today!
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