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Same-Day Dentures

Woman holding a set of denturesDental emergencies happen more often than you might think. What do you do when faced with a dental emergency such as the sudden failure of your dependable dentures? One of the best solutions to restore your smile and function is to choose same-day dentures. With same-day dentures, you won’t face days without your teeth. Same-day dentures are growing in popularity because they offer a number of benefits for wearers. To learn how you can benefit from same-day dentures when your existing dentures break or fail in some way, please visit our office at Smile Craft Dental and discover all the benefits same-day dentures have to offer you.

Quick and Easy Solution

Same-day dentures continue to grow in popularity because they are extremely beneficial, as a quick, effective, affordable, and easy solution when your existing dentures fail or break, and you are short on time or simply do not want to go for days without your teeth. What if you have to get to an important meeting or appointment when you suddenly realize your dentures have broken? No one, including you, would be able to focus on the meeting or presentation, because of your missing dentures. You would be left in an awkward and even embarrassing position. Our same-day dentures can solve that problem, restoring your missing teeth and getting you back to your life as quickly as possible. Restore your smile the very same day with same-day dentures crafted by our dental professionals instantly and exclusively for you.

Eliminates the Need for Temporary Dentures

Same-day dentures are not temporary dentures. Same-day dentures are permanent dentures, just like the ones you had, crafted, and designed to last a long time. The only difference between same-day dentures and traditional dentures is the amount of time they take to be designed and created for you.

In regard to functionality and ease of use there is no denying the fact that same-day dentures work just as well as traditional dentures. Same-day dentures don't require any permanent fixtures in your mouth and can be removed just like your regular dentures, making them just as easy and convenient to use. The best part about same-day dentures is they are exactly like your traditional dentures, so there are no surprises when it comes to maintenance and use of your same-day dentures. Same-day dentures are modern and functional, affordable, and easy to use. They stay in place firmly and perform just like traditional dentures.

One of the major elements that define the functionality of your dentures is the way they are fitted. Our team of dental professionals take great pride in ensuring your same-day dentures are fitted with care, so they function effectively and fit perfectly against your gums with no slipping. Your same-day dentures will be customized and fitted to you by our dental professionals.

Do not let a denture dental emergency keep you from living your life. Call us at 650-880-1269 or visit our office at Smile Craft Dental so we can put your smile back on your face today.

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